This last week has been a α—·α’ͺα‘Œα–‡. But… it’s Friday :) Today, I’m finalizing two meetings for next week and four budget workshops the following week. A couple of PTA items to throw into the mix before Little Shit’s first cub scout meeting and a super sitter course for Numbnuts. A lot of steps to get there, but I can’t WAIT to get this weekend started ;) #TGIF #lagunabeach #WAHM #justkeepswimming

Hi, my name is Odette and I a have a hormonal imbalance. My first clue came to me in 2011, when complex ovarian cyst ruptures on both sides landed me in the ER. After that, I had an episode about every 6 months - until I went back on the Mirena IUD. A couple of years ago, I went into a state of depression and had to focus all of my energy into compartmentalizing just to get through the work day. At night, in between school drop-off’s and pick-up’s or during my run - tears would shamefully pour down my face, my shoulders betraying the sobs I tried so painfully to hold in. I eventually got through that year, with a lot of help and a lot of prayers. πŸ™ I’m not perfect, not even trying to be. I have my flaws - some I’m still working on and some I’ve accepted. That was just the start and this may not be over yet, but it’s alright. I’m pulling a Dory ;) #justkeepswimming

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